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I Am Happy (12 Tea Bags) Stress/Anxiety

I Am Happy (12 Tea Bags) Stress/Anxiety

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About this item

 This tea is designed to reduce stress levels and anxiety. This herbal tea promotes a positive mood throughout the day. If you're dealing with stress, anxiety, and or depression,  then this tea is perfect for you. Even if you're not dealing with any mental health issues, this tea will put you in a great mood!

This tea blend consists of herbs that are proven to provide a naturally positive mood. I have chosen herbs that will promote a good feeling throughout the day. All herbs are certified organic and packed with love. Each order comes with 12 tea bags and a wooden spoon. Thank you for shopping with Astro5D. Your business is greatly appreciated! 


1. Pour boiling water over the teabag(s).

2. Steep for 4-6 minutes or to your own liking.

Note: The longer you steep the bag(s), the stronger the taste.


For Iced Tea

1. Use 3 tea bags for every two glasses.

2. Steep is slightly stronger than hot tea.

3. Pour into ice-filled glasses and enjoy!

(Free steeper ball on with first-time orders).



Organic Holy Basil Herb (Tulsi)

Yerba Mate (Coming Soon)

Wildcrafted Oatstraw

Wildcrafted Ashwagandha Root

Wildcrafted St. John's Wort

Wildcrafted Passionflower Herb

Wildcrafted Mullein Leaves

Wildcrafted Pink Rose Buds

Wildcrafted Mugwort Herb

Wildcrafted Brazillian Muira Puama  

Organic Echinacea Herb

Organic Eleuthero Root

Organic Lemongrass Herb

Organic Lavender Petals

Organic Ginger Root

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Cardamom Pods

Organic Anise Star Pods


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bri J
I am Happy with this tea

Uplifted my spirits soul much. Thank you Astro.

I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your support!

SJ Gilmore

I love this Total Detox Tea and will be ordering it again.

Meonsania Judge

I love the Total Detox Herbal Tea

Raymond Boyer

The detox tea is the best

Raymond Boyer
It really works

The detox tea is the best