Nutty Buddy

Nutty Buddy has been a five-star rated product for almost two years. You will be able to think more clearly and perform better in the gym. Butty buddy also helps with genital and testicular health. The reviews speak for themselves, don't miss out!

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Wanna Lose Weight?

Now introducing weight loss guidance counseling. Each program is tailored to fit the person based on entry questions. Learn how to lose the weight and prevent it from returning.

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Word of Mouth Tea Time Club

Are you a tea-lover? Join the word-of-mouth tea-time club. You heard about this club by word of mouth. We appreciate your follow-through.

The way this club works is straightforward. We have two different featured tea each month. You receive 12 tea bags in the first and third weeks of the month. We send you a new tea kit at the beginning of each month.

You win points every time you refer someone through our reward system. If you love the WOM Tea Time Club leave us a review. Your review is social credit and will help open a brick-and-mortar store one day soon.


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What's New?

Stay in the know with the AstroHerbs blog. There is a new blog post every week. The central focus of this blog is to inform you of changes, health tips, herb information, and announcements. Don't miss out, catch up today.