3 Ways to Detox Your Body

3 Ways to Detox Your Body

Here are three simple ways to detox your body:


1. Use onions on the bottom of your feet when your sleep. The bottom of your feet is the best place on your body to pull toxins from onions have been proven to help extract toxins from your body. 

2. Fast for three days. Fasting for three days hits the reset button on your body. Fast helps to reset your immune system. Give your organs a break from working so hard and fast to see great health results. 

3. Meditate and use sound healing to detox your mind. Detoxing your body is important but so is your mind. You have so many thoughts that go through your head everyday, you can make those thoughts healthier by decalcifying your pineal gland. Meditate often, if you don't know how to, start wrong until you get it right! 

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