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I Am Complete (12 Tea Bags) Mucus Removal/ Body Cleanse

I Am Complete (12 Tea Bags) Mucus Removal/ Body Cleanse

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This complete body wellness blend contains everything your body needs in a day. Wildcrafted Purple Seamoss contains 92  minerals naturally occurring in your body. Wildcrafted Sea Kelp contains iodine for an immunity boost, has antioxidants, and regulates thyroid function. The Wildcrafted Sarsaparilla is great for iron and cleanses the liver and reduces inflammation.

Complete Body Wellness contains all the supplements and herbs you need daily. You will still need to take your daily multivitamins. This blend was carefully selected to ensure that your body is receiving all the minerals that you need for optimal health. All ingredients are certified organic. 


1. Pour boiling water over the teabag(s).

2. Steep for 10 minutes or to your liking.

Note: The longer you steep the bag(s), the stronger the taste.

For Iced Tea

1. Use 3 tea bags for every two glasses.

2. Steep is slightly stronger than hot tea.

3. Pour into ice-filled glasses and enjoy!

(Free steeper ball on with first-time orders).


Gunpowder Green Tea

Wildcrafted Purple Irish Moss

Wildcrafted Bladderwrack

Wildcrafted Jamaican Sarsaparilla Root

Wildcrafted Blue Vervain

Wildcrafted Muira Puama 

Wildcrafted Ashwagandha Root

Wildcrafted Mullein leaves

Wildcrafted Licorice Root 

Organic Elderberries 

Organic Hibiscus flowers

Organic Soursop Leaves

Organic Burdock Root

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Cardamom 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jefrey Lewis Sr
Best ever

Smooth taste with great benefits. After my 4th tea bag I felt relief.

Glad to hear this! Healing is enriching!

Jamie K
Amazing, Quality Product

I love tea and have been drinking it for years. Many different brands. Astro teas are amazing quality. After 3 days on the I Am Complete tea, I expelled a large amount of mucus from my body, no additional supplements just the tea and a 48 hour fast. Amazing.

Very happy to hear this! Thank you for choosing Astroherbs!

Maurkice Modica

Great product


Great product