Write Down Your Dreams

Write Down Your Dreams

Let's make this short and to the point. You need to write down your dreams if you want to get better at dream recall. Messages come to you in your dreams. These messages that come to you in your dream are divine and should not be ignored. If you want to get better at dreaming recalling going to sleep at a good time is the first step. 

Another factor in the practice of good sleep is being comfortable. Make your bedding comfortable. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, Astral Pack will take care of that. Astral Pack helps you sleep better and induces lucid dreaming. If you are 66, that means you have spent 22 years dreaming. A 3rd of your life is spent in the astral realm. Since we are spending this much time in an alternate reality, creating memories in that reality will help you to inner stand yourself better. 

Don't sleep on a great opportunity to have better sleep and great dreams. Get the Astral Pack today! I'll see you in the Astral Realm! 


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