What Are Your Health Goals?

What Are Your Health Goals?

What are your health goals? Do you have goals for your health?

In life when you are choosing to go down a certain path that aligns with you, you write down goals. Oftentimes, we miss out on using goals when working on our health. If you are overweight, work on a plan to lose weight. If your organs need cleansing, it is best to cleanse one organ at a time. However, if you have no health goals, it is easy to lose focus on taking care of your body. When is the last time you detoxed your liver or kidney? If you can't remember the last time you detoxed your organs, right now would be the best time to start. You don't have to spend a lot of money on your health goals, but you need to know what you are working on.   

I have been working with herbs for the last six years. I am always surprised that many people have never written down their health goals. If you get into a car going to an unknown location, you would put the address in your GPS. When you are working on improving yourself, write down how you will achieve your goals because it is unknown territory. You don't have to know everything to start but you have to start to learn what your body needs. 

I have curated many herbal blends to assist you in achieving your goals. It does no matter if you are 400 lbs, you can accomplish your 125 lb goal. I am a firm believer that you can change your life and health condition no matter where you are right now, you just need to start. Take advantage of the end of Summer sale and stock up your medicine cabinet before the cold weather comes in.



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My goal is to cleanse my organs. Remove the floaters. (parasites) from my eyes, strengthen my body. And return to a healthy to a healthy weight for my bodt type.

Iris L Cummings

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