Knowledge of Self

Knowledge of Self

How often do you monitor inside? Is your body a stranger to you? Do you cleanse often? Do you meditate often?

These are vital questions to ask yourself. Do you use the bathroom enough? If you are only making one bowel movement a day, reassess. In my work, I notice that people don't know themselves. Do you know yourself? Your body can be your best friend if you make it a priority. There are several ways to know yourself better. One way to let your light shine brighter is by meditation. Spend some time alone. Solitude will often bring about thoughts that will change your life. Are you eating any foods that you are allergic to? What is your personality type? What is your human design type? What is your favorite color and why? Did you choose your favorite color as a child and stuck with that choice? If you find it difficult to answer these questions, think about them. 

When you truly know yourself, it will be hard for outside opinions to bother you. Knowledge of self is the best defense in several areas of life. Even if you are an extrovert, spend some time alone. This is my challenge for anyone reading this, learn more about yourself. Fully embrace your being. 

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