Great Gut Feeling

Great Gut Feeling

Your gut and brain both are responsible for your decision-making. Your intuition is often powered by a gut feeling; that gut feeling is delivered to your brain giving you time to make a decision. The healthier your gut is, the easier it is to make a decision. 

A brain could be the result of an unhealthy gut. Your gut is the main port for m operations taking place in the body. For example, The Enteric System is a sub-division of the autonomic nervous system. This is why you can feel pain in your gut. This is why you salivate over food. 

You can create a healthy environment in your gut by increasing the amount of healthy gut flora. You can use wild oil of oregano and also probiotics to help you create a healthier gut. Don't forget to use ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, and ginseng as well. 


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