Focused On Improving

Focused On Improving

Blessings 5D Mystery School,

First, I want to say thank you for being here. Next, I am letting you know that my main focus is on the betterment of this herb shop and the quality of the products offered. I created the herbal blends in teas with the most potent herbs for that specific ailment. Now, I am including services that will help you to learn and grow in the areas of healing. I don't want you dependent on me for healing. My purpose is to show you that you can heal yourself.  

We are here to help each other learn and grow. You all contain within the power to heal yourselves. Whenever you take these herbal blends, write down the way it makes your body feel. If you would like to increase awareness, write down the way food makes you feel; keep a food journal. This will help you to eliminate any food that is not helping to heal. Before you eat something, ask yourself is this helping me or hurting me? The purpose of eating is to heal and nourish the body. Are you eating to grow? Are you in-tuned with your body? Honor your body by listening to it and only feeding it food that nourishes and replenishes. Dis-ease shows up when you are not aligned with your body. Check in every single day with your body to know what it needs. 

Remember, you are here to learn and grow. Take care of yourself! Blessings to your journey here. 



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