Changing Labels

Changing Labels

Blessings 5D Mystery School 🌿 

So, as mentioned in a previous blog, changes will be made to the shop this year. One of the changes that are currently being done is labels. You will be able to scan directions and ingredients for your product from the label. No matter what phone you have, QR scanners are equipped with it. 

If you recently ordered this week, please allow for your next order to see the changes made. All older labels are being used before the product's label is changed. If you haven't noticed by now, ASTROherbs is a minimalist shop with an emphasis on sustainable practices; the overall goal is to heal the body and love the Earth. Thank you for being a part of this mission.

Please be sure to leave a product review. Product reviews help other people to decide on a product. Your voice will help someone else. Thank you! 

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