Changes Happening In 2023

Changes Happening In 2023

There will be new updates happening in January 2023. One of the changes I can tell you about right now will be the ingredients in Nutty Buddy. I am changing the formula to increase the potency. I am removing some of the herbs that are available in Hero. I am also changing the price to match the current state of the world; we are heading toward a recession, and I want to be mindful of how that can affect people. 

One thing that will remain the same when taking the Nutty Buddy capsules is a healthy testosterone level. Your stamina and endurance levels will be boosted will taking Nutty Buddy. 

Other changes will be minor changes to the tea. I will change from cinnamon chips instead of using raw cinnamon to add a different flavor profile. 

I conducted a survey earlier this year to see if you all wanted paper or glass, and paper won. However, in the future, switching to glass bottles is the goal. 

I will announce other changes as they happen. I am beyond happy to be your herbalist of choice. I will continue to learn and improve my craft as the years go by. Thank you for growing with me. 


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