Autumn Preparation 2023

Autumn Preparation 2023

As we begin to transition into September, here are a few reminders. Autumn begins September 22nd. For some areas, the weather will change rapidly so it is best to prepare your body. You can start by preparing your lungs. Next you can prepare your chest, and then make sure you are getting enough iron. You could use mullein for your respiratory system. Gran some hawthorn berries for your chest. Next, pick up some sarsaparilla root for your iron. 

These are three simple ways to prepare your body for the changing of the season. Cleansing and detoxing are always the best way to prepare. Fasting for a day would help as well. The goal is learning to prepare your body for each season change. 

There are herbal blends and teas are here in the shop for all three preparations. Make sure you check your email for discount codes.

Time for healing. 🌿 

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