ASTROherbs has arrived

ASTROherbs has arrived

Hey 5D Mystery School,

By now you have noticed the changes to the website. The name has changed from just Astro5D h to Astroherbs. This change comes with reductions as well. The teas have been refocused to a tea of the month. This change with the tea will allow for stronger potency. Also, the main focus of the herbal blends is to heal every organ in the human body. When is the last time you detoxed or cleansed your spleen and gallbladder? You would be surprised how often people go with barely or never cleansing certain organs in the body. I am here to assist you. There is an herb for the cleansing of every organ. 

Part of my mission in this life is to assist in the healing of mankind. Plants are teachers and I am a student sharing with you all the knowledge that lives within. My experience with herbal healing extends to real life. I am always looking for new herbs for the healing of the body. You will see more mushrooms in the shop as they are my favorite kingdom. The healing doesn't stop with this website. With your support, this mission can climb to greater heights with a singular mission of healing.

Thank you for being here. Welcome to the new site. 


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