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Weight Loss Guidance Counseling

Weight Loss Guidance Counseling

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This guidance will help you to achieve your target weight. This guidance counseling will include a personalized voice recording tailored to you based on the information you give me. This counseling will also include a 30-minute phone call/zoom call that will answer any questions that you have regarding the instructions.

This guidance counseling will be emailed to you 1 week after your order. This isn't a quick fix to lose weight. This is a program that is based on you incrementally losing weight and keeping that weight off. This will not be an easy course but it is worth it. If you follow the counseling, you will start to see results within two weeks. 

You can also purchase a one-month, two months, and three-month guidance counseling if you seek more assistance. The extended version will include the same as the shorter version but will also have more phone calls and availability to me via email if you require it. Thank you for choosing me to assist you, now, let's get started! 

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As I have been working remote for three years now I’ve found it hard to focus, and stay on task. I’ve been taking this over a week and it is definitely helping.. I feel less distracted and more focused on my daily tasks. Will definitely purchase again!

-Jolette Valdez-

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