Palo Santo Sticks (3)

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This Palo Santo is harvested sustainably in Piura, Peru, and is regulated by INRENA (National Institute of Natural Resources). INRENA regulates who can engage in harvesting and commercialization of Palo Santo in Peru ensuring that this Palo Santo is benefitting the small communities that it comes from and ensuring the trees and forests are being consciously managed. This package contains three sticks per pack.

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How To Use:

1. Hold your Palo Santo stick at a 45 ° angle. Ignite for thirty seconds while rotating the stick. Blow it out quickly if it catches fire.

2. Open your windows. Wave the smoke around your space to clear negative energy. Start at the places furthest away from your window. This helps to direct the negative energy out of the home.

3. To lengthen burn time, blow on the embers. When finished, place your Palo Santo stick tip down in a ceramic bowl or shell.

PLEASE NOTE: Palo Santo will not continue to burn on its own. To keep it burning, lightly blow on the embers.