California Water (essential oil herbal cologne) by Astro5D

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California Water (essential oil herbal cologne) by Astro5D. 


Raw Mexican Eucalyptus

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

Raw Pure Vegetable Glycerine

Organic Sage

Organic Rosemary

Organic Thyme

Organic Lime

Alkaline Water

  • All ingredients are sunbathed and carefully mixed with love. The mixing process takes one full day. Every new batch is made bi-weekly.



  1. Enhance cleansings: Add this to your spiritual baths to enhance spiritual cleansings and blessings.
  2. Protection cologne: Wear as a cologne for a protective shield that leaves a delicate scent.
  3. Repel negativity: Mist in the environment to repel negative energy and negative spirits.
  4. Attract good spirits: Mist in the environment to attract good spirits.
  5. Add to floor washes: Add to floor washes for their cleansing and blessing properties.
  6. Use as an offering: Place a bottle on your altar as an offering to the Spirits.
  7. Wash lodestones: Use to wash a pair of lodestones in preparation for use.
  8. Ancestral offering: Add a few drops to a bowl of water and place them on your ancestral altar as an offering to your ancestors.
  9. Prevent nightmares: Launder bed sheets with 1 cup of Florida Water to remove negative energy and attract benevolent spirits and protection.
  10. As an astringent: Use an astringent and skin lotion to tone the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness.
  11. Rubdown for the infirm: As a rubdown for the sick, Florida Water has a beneficial, stimulating effect similar to alcohol rubs but much more pleasant due to its aromatherapeutic qualities.
  12. Relief from insect bites: Applied to insect bites it provides some relief.
  13. Anti-anxiety relief: For high anxiety it can be applied to the forehead and used as a rubdown, providing some relief for nervous tension.
  14. Cleanse and bless candles: Use to cleanse and bless candles prior to use (be sure the candles are completely dry before lighting). *CAUTION: Florida Water is highly flammable. Use extreme caution when working with it.
  15. Cleanse ritual tools: Use to wipe down altars and altar items to keep free from negative energy.
  16. Spirit communication: Pour a little in a cast iron pot or cauldron and light it to aid in spirit communication through fire.
  17. Energize money works: Pour a little in a cast iron pot or cauldron and light it, then place your hands over the flames warming them before engaging in money drawing activities like working and gambling.
  18. Holy water: Pray the 23rd Psalm over it and use it in place of Holy Water.
  19. Spirit receptivity: Periodically spray a little on your altar to keep it receptive to the spirits.
  20. Dreamwork: Place some in a crystal bowl with spring water next to your bed for prophetic dreams.

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