Blue Sage Smudge Stick

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Smudging Instructions:

1. Use caution at all times. You can open a window as needed to ensure the smoke does not build up. This will allow the negative energy to exit your space.

2. If your Sage is wrapped very tight, you can unwrap it and pull it apart for easier burning. If your Sage is wrapped a little loose, it will burn just fine while tied (string is cotton and safe to burn along with the Sage). You can also break smaller pieces off the bundle and burn them in a shell.

3. Light your Sage for 30 seconds. Hold the flame to the tip, slowly rotate and tilt the bundle in different ways to generate a nice ember. Gently blow on the ember in 1-second intervals to maintain it. (Please always use caution)

4. Sage will naturally stop burning and go out within a couple of minutes. This is perfectly natural and just the nature of this sacred item- you will need to relight it as needed. Be cautious of any breeze or draft, which can prolong the embers, and do not leave unattended while burning.

5. Use a shell to catch ashes or hold your Sage while burning (shell will get hot, use caution!). When finished store your sage in a moist free/low humidity space.

6. Begin in the room furthest away from your open window. This will allow you to direct the negative energy out of your space.

7. Move on to any area that needs smudging and direct the energy to the exit. If you're smudging a person or object, slowly move so the smoke flows all around their body or object, top to bottom and side to side. You can do this standing or lying down. It is important to remember to start at the crown chakra and end at the root chakra. 


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