Linga steaming is for the cleansing of the male genital area. This herbal is carefully curated to bring you the optimal detox and cleansing of your most sacred area. This may be new to a lot of people to it may take some time to adapt. This is a masculine thing to do. This is a sign of self-care. Treat yourself and order a linga steam today. SN: Fun fact, linga is the male counterpart for yoni in Sanskrit.

There are blends for younger and more mature women. 


Maintain a healthy womb

Maintain a healthy hormone balance 

Nourished your labia and outer skin

Cleanses and detoxifies

Maintains a c area

How To Use:

Boil 6-8 cups of water and set up a nice comfortable area for steaming. It is recommended to steam once a month or after your moon cycle.