Summer Detoxing

Summer Detoxing

Hey 5D Mystery School,

Let's talk about Summer detoxing and how to do it. Summer has been getting hotter and hotter, so what is the best way to prepare? Let's quickly go over three ways for you to prepare your body for Summer.

1. Detox your armpits! Now, it is essential to know that your armpit odor will reflect the food you eat. If you have a sensitive body, detox often. Some people have bodies that are finely tuned. A finely tuned body takes more maintenance. Your armpit odor is a direct link to the health of your body. Detoxing works wonders but if you have an unpleasant odor, finding the root cause is vital. 

2. Detox your gut. The best way to detox your gut in the Summer is by fasting and eating more fruits and veggies. I recommend getting the Trust Your Gut herbal blend from the shop. I made a powerful herbal blend for you so that you can focus on your life. If your gut isn't clean, you will have a hard time making decisions. Your gut sends messages to your brain, so both need to be clear for healthy communication. 

3. Detox your private area. Your private area will more than likely get more heat during the Summer. So to keep fresh and cool, do some detoxing now so that you won't have to worry when things heat up. Eucalyptus is a great agent for cleaning yourself. Check your underwear and be sure that they are fresh. 


Be sure to check your socks and underwear for freshness. Detoxing means more than focusing on your body. Detox all areas of your life. Let go of old habits and welcome new ones. Be kind to yourself and others. Also, don't let the fear of missing out put you in unfavorable situations, stay true to yourself. Take care! 

Happy Summer Solstice!

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