Sleep Is Important

Sleep Is Important

Are you getting good sleep? What is good sleep?

Getting good sleep means that you set aside an adequate amount of time to recharge your body battery. Sleep is essential to healing; while you are sleeping, your organs are resetting and setting up for the next day. Your digestive tract is healing itself along with all other vital organs. This is why you should avoid eating before you sleep. Good sleep means that you are honoring your body's need to rest. You should focus on getting sleep the same way you do charging your phone and laptop. 


8-9 hours doesn't have to be the default amount of time if you are built different. If 5-6 hours of sleep work for you, stick to that! Are you using outside elements to help you sleep? If you are having a difficult time getting sleep, take a look at our Deep Sleep Herbal Tea. You can also using things like Lavender oil & music that has altered the Hz to assist in sleeping. Sleep is deep meditation, so then, focus on your breathing until you're sleeping. Easier said than done but very possible with practice. Good sleep is a skill, work on it! 

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