Reduce Quantity & Increase Quality

Reduce Quantity & Increase Quality

I've decided to reduce the number of products to increase the quality of herbal blends. Potency and quality are my main two focuses. So, you're going to see a lot of items leave the store. The items that are leaving are based on sales. There are just some items that didn't do so well. However, the herbal blends are all getting a boost in potency.

This change will also allow for an increase in the area of packaging and marketing. Thank you to everyone that has been choosing Astro5D Herb Shop for your healing needs for the past year. Your support means the world. I listen to all of your feedback and always looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction. 

The aesthetics of this herb shop is simply simple. No fancy flash is needed for healing. So, anticipate your favorite herbal blends all increasing in potency for the purposes they serve.

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