New Herbal Tea & Herbal Blends

New Herbal Tea & Herbal Blends

This week ASTROherbs will be releasing I Am Healed, I Am Woman, I Am Man, Mighty Magical Mushrooms. Summer is almost here and it is time for healing. 

I Am Healed is an electric herbal tea that will heal you on a cellular level. This herbal tea will reduce inflammation and rid the body of mucus. This will balance your pH and will leave you feeling youthful and healed. 

I Am Woman is a women wellness tea. This herbal tea is for the healing and restoration of woman's body and feminine energy. 

I Am Man is a men wellness tea. This herbal tea is men to connect with their divine masculine. 

Mighty Magical Mushrooms is a complete fungi healing powerhouse. 

All the above herbal tea and herbal blend have been planned for the past two years. They are being released this year with divine guidance. These products are some of the most powerful additions to the herb shop. It's time for healing! 


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