Late Shipments & Shop Relocation

Late Shipments & Shop Relocation

Ok so first thing to address is that the herbal shipments have been shipped later than usual. This change has taken place because the herb shop has relocated. We moved from Michigan to California. This move process take 2-3 weeks for everything to arrive. 

Orders have started to be shipped again and we will be caught up this week. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion. Everything is going well and the herb shop is actually better than ever. New upgrades coming soon. New herbal blends coming soon. New products coming soon. This Autumn will be our third year in business. Thank you to everyone that has continued to chose ASTROherbs. 

It is important that this message is communicated to you because shipping times is something that we consistently look to improve. Shipping times will improve after this move due to some great location choices. 

For you all that have been following the shop for a while, you know California has amazing herbs. The herbal quality is definitely going to improve and the love that goes into the herbal blends will increase. 

Time For Healing! 🌿 

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