It's a Par-Tea!

It's a Par-Tea!


I recently asked you all about bringing the herbal tea back via an Instagram poll. You all decided that bringing it back needs to happen and I listened. There will now be a tea of the month. The tea will change every month. The herbal tea for October is Don't Worry, Be Happy. Each herbal tea comes with 12 tea bags and a spoon. The herb quality for the teas is top tier. Each order comes with a QR code that you can scan for the ingredients. Every tea is carefully curated to deliver optimal healing.

It is recommended to drink two herbal teas a day. Drink one tea when you rise and another in the afternoon. Drinking tea helps your organs digest, detox, and cleanse. Drinking hot tea also helps to cut fat. You don't need to drink tea every single day, but your organs would love you for it. Start with one tea today.

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