Drink More Water!

Drink More Water!

This is your reminder to drink more water. Your body loves it when you drink water. When this happens, your organs actually dance on the inside; scientists are still trying to figure out what causes the dancing. 

You don't need to seek the highest pH water all the time. Springwater works just fine. Now, I would implore you to get an alkaline water machine that hooks up to your sink. Kangen is a good alkaline water machine brand. If you buy plastic bottles from the store, try to seek a glass bottle to transfer the water to once you are home. 


You can also use crystals in your water. Whatever energy you'd like to experience, out that corresponding crystal in the water. Lemon and lime are also good additions to water. Lemon turns alkaline once it hits your system. Creating an alkaline environment in your body is vital for optimum health. 


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