Don't Forget To Fast

Don't Forget To Fast

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Fasting is important. Your body heals during fasting. Fasting is necessary. Your body heals during sleep and that is fasting. Your organs work 24/7 digesting, healing, and recovering; they finally catch up on their work. If you are someone that doesn't know about fasting or has never tried it, start small. Start fasting for breakfast. Your body naturally detoxes from the moment you wake up until noon. You can assist your body by fasting and allowing the detox process to continue. 

Fasting can do wonders for your health and soul. Fasting helps your skin. Fasting helps to cleanse your blood. Fasting helps your mind become clear because your gut will be clear. Fasting helps to restore your natural body odor. 

Fast on the day, you were born every week at the same time. Drink a lot of spring water during your fast. Seamoss and bladderwrack are great tools to achieve optimal health during fasting. Drinking herbal teas is another great way to assist your body during a fast. Essentially, fasting is the greatest secret in health and it really heals. 

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