Cutting Back on Herbal Teas.

Cutting Back on Herbal Teas.

Blessings 5D Mystery School,

So I am cutting back on the number of teas in the herb shop. I am going to increase the quality of the teas that will be chosen to stay. 

The main focus right now is to create more herbal blends. Soon, you will notice a herbal blend for pretty much every part of your body. First, I am starting on all major organs. The newest products are for your gut and pineal gland. It is part of my mission in this life to remind everyone that you can heal yourself. Everything that you need to heal yourself has been provided by Earth. There is an herb for every illness and dis-ease. 

So, the most ordered teas will stay in the shop as they will be more desired in the colder seasons. Thank you all so much for your continued support. I am up against very big businesses but, with your support, there will be an Astro5D brick and mortar herb shop. 

 Love & Light,


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