Better Quality, Less Quantity

Better Quality, Less Quantity

Astro5D Herbs & Essences has been open for almost one year and a half. This time has allowed the assessment of what is like and what needs to go. My main focus as an herbalist is to provide the best quality healing available. In order to maintain the premium quality that has been expected of this shop, some items are leaving.

You might notice some items that are gone within the week. All of the favorites are staying on and getting boosted. This process will help to improve the quality of your favorites. In addition to improving your favorites, being more eco-based and practicing sustainability is very important here. So, finding better ways to improve packaging and recycling is also a key focus here.

Just as a reminder, every order is made fresh. The herbs are tested frequently for potency. With Spring being a month away, you're going to see some seasonal items appear as well. Stay tuned for more important news. Don't forget to take advantage of black history month savings going on all month long. Time For Healing!

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