Astral Pack

Astral Pack

Peace 5D Mystery School,

I created the Astral Pack for you to sleep better. The Astral Pack is also to help you achieve lucid dreams. Dreaming is one of my favorite parts of life. I wanted to share my passion with you all. I feel that a capsule for lucid dreams would be better than tea so you won't be disturbed by your bladder during your sleep. I believe that this special blend will change the way you sleep.

In addition to taking this capsule, create a sleep schedule that works for you. If you are going to sleep early and rising early, make sure to take your capsules at an appropriate time. If you go to sleep early and wake up late, that might be too much sleep. If you are going to sleep late and waking up late, that might be too much. You have to find the right balance of sleep with your schedule. Take two capsules two hours before you sleep. Also, logging your dreams in a dream journal will help you to track your progress. The more you log your dreams, the better your dream recall will become. The better your dream recall, the more skilled you become in deciphering your dreams' meaning. Your dreams present you with lessons every single night, you must develop spiritual eyes to see. You can start by ordering the Astral Pack and taking a trip to the Astral Realm!

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